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Community & Resources

Articles and Resources on Job Sharing, Research, Advancement, Leadership and, of course, Work-Life Balance.

Services For Employees

Meet Your Match

Find your job share partner among our community of interested and qualified job sharers, arrange in-person meet ups to see how you fit, set up your personal job share profile so others can find you, run “fit” testing, and find companies ready to support your career goals.

Let Us Do the Qwerk!

We can help build a business case for you and your job share partner to propose to your manager or company; help you design your job sharing relationship, and get coaching & mentorship working or managing as a pair.

Services For Employers

Job Sharing & Flexible Working Policies

Let us help create policies for your company around job sharing and other flexible working policies to help attract and retain the best talent.

“Fit” Testing

Be sure about your next hire with scientifically proven fit testing.  Get it right the first time and every time.



At, our mission is to create a community of people who want to see Job Sharing become a common way of finding work-life balance.  We are part of the Solution.  Our Vision is to bring more diversity to senior level and board level roles by facilitating and empowering Job Sharing, Top Sharing, Built Mentorships and Structured Succession Planning – to champion the brightest and best of all shapes, colours, sizes, ages, languages, cultures and values to seek out leadership roles and bring diverse and innovative viewpoints to the world stage.

Sign up on our Get In Touch page to become an early member of our community of job share supporters, to receive (should you wish) valuable updates on our web launch, get information and success stories about job sharing around the world, and to receive big discounts on membership when our final web platform is launched.

Our phase II website will be an online-based platform to help connect employers with Job Sharing pairs (and trios), to connect those interested in job sharing with their perfect pair, to help coach and mentor managers and employees alike to make job sharing a success, to provide support and resources for those who are interested, and to educate North America about the transformative powers of job sharing.




How would you like to live the good life? Are you an employee looking for better work-life balance?  Are you an employer struggling with millennial employees or overwhelmed by maternity leaves?  Are you an Entrepreneur or Solopreneur who wishes you had a clone to have enough time in the day?  QWerk is an online platform designed to serve the needs of employees, employers and entrepreneurs alike.


First, to help those who require flexibility in their careers find the support and opportunities they need to be successful in achieving their most ambitious career goals while balancing multiple competing life priorities; and

Second, to help employers and entrepreneurs maintain or improve their bottom line, become Top Employers, all while reaping the benefits of increased productivity and uninterrupted coverage, by embracing job flexibility options that so many employees seek.


Recruiting for Job Sharing and Top Sharing partnerships for employees,  employers, entrepreneurs and “solopreneurs”

Structuring and Documenting Job Sharing and Top Sharing pairs and trios

Developing corporate policies with respect to job flexibility and job sharing

Developing and Pitching Job Share proposals to employers

Succession Planning and Formal Mentorship arrangements

Return-to-Work Services, including:

Resumé Writing

LinkedIn profile optimization

Training in new technologies and softwares

Support services for working parents including a community of Job Sharers to find questions and answers, industry events to help find your perfect pair, blogs around work-life balance issues, and information and resources.

Our Story

Ilana Cohen

Co-Founder & CEO – QwerkWork Inc.

Lawyer, problem solver and innovator by day – SuperMom by night!

Ilana is an Osgoode Hall Law School and University of Toronto grad, originally from Toronto, Ontario, currently living in Calgary, Alberta.  Ilana started her career on Bay Street as a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer, and then worked as In-house counsel for one of Canada’s largest pension funds.  Going through the struggle of having and raising two beautiful daughters, while keeping the pedal to the metal in an ambitious career path, has shown me one answer to the question: Where have all the women gone?  After 15 years of working multiple jobs, paying my way through school, being a high level athlete, looking after home and partner, having and raising a family, maintaining a challenging career while keeping the house, paying bills, planning birthday parties and dinners and gifts and planning vacations, and … the list goes on – after all of it, how is it that employers still expect me to keep proving myself? And will it ever stop?  I know so many women out there, professionals, who understandably get burnt out by it all, or decide it just isn’t worth the never-ending battle.

To all those people who can sympathize, I believe QWerkWork is the solution.

Dean Holness

Co-Founder & CTO – QwerkWork Inc.

Home Office-based Tech Genius & SuperDad!

Dean is a University of the West Indies, Computer Science grad, originally from Jamaica, currently based out of Calgary, Alberta.  Dean worked at Pario Solutions as a Nokia Value Added Reseller for 15 years, being a rockstar IT problem solver, people manager and Lead technical architect.  Following his wife to Calgary to help her pursue her career goals, Dean helps juggle school, karate and piano lessons while maintaining his sanity as a father of three (and a recent first-time empty nester with a teenage daughter off to university) while maintaining a thriving IT-based home business.  Oh, and he makes a mean cheesecake!

A proud champion of women’s success and advancement, our QwerkWork website is his newest masterpiece.